Deer Creek Watershed Association
Board of Directors

Charles R. Filburn – President
Edward L. Garono – Vice President
Brian Goodman – Secretary
John C. Walter – Treasurer

David Boniface
Tami Imbierowicz
Albert Isennock
Lee D. McDaniel
Richard D. Norling
Scott Peacher
Lawrason R. Sayre

Deer Creek Watershed Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 111
Darlington, MD 21034


The purpose of this Corporation is to promote the conservation of the natural resources of the Deer Creek Watershed.

To carry out this purpose, the Corporation will have the following specific objectives, each of which is intended and will be used only to further the basic purpose above stated.

a. To conduct activities to advise and acquaint the general public with the nature of the problems involved in the conservation and protection of the natural resources of the Deer Creek Watershed and the activities of the Corporation and other public and charitable organizations in the field of the conservation of natural resources.

b. To educate individuals and business establishments in the values coming from pure stream controls.

c. To promote educational and scientific investigations and research to aid in the accomplishment of the above purposes.

d. To encourage the providing of facilities, personnel and funds for studies, surveys, and plans designed to furnish the basis for educational and other work in the field of protection and conservation of natural resources.

e. To solicit and raise funds, as required, by public subscription, through voluntary contributions, borrowing and other available means.

f. To buy, sell and deal with real and personal property, and to carry on any activity for the purposes above stated, either directly or as an agent for or with other persons, partnerships, firms or corporations, or in whole or in part through or by means of any other persons, partnerships, firms or corporations and generally to do any and all further and other things which may be necessary or incidental to the purposes above stated.

g. To operate exclusively as a non-profit organization the net income and assets of which shall be used only for the purposes above stated, and no part of the net income of which shall inure wholly or in part to the benefit of any individual.